Female Ejaculation – Answers to Common Questions

Female ejaculation is a highly talked about concept nowadays because it is becoming such a big fetish in the adult industry. Many men and women alike love to watch squirting videos to help themselves get aroused, but few of them actually know about the process in detail. If you are curious about this uniquely orgasmic process, some of the information below may give you a good idea about ejaculation when it happens in a woman’s body. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about female ejaculation.

Female Ejaculation – Places Where the Squirting Will Not Make a Mess

Female ejaculation can be a bit messy because it shoots all over the place with nothing around to catch it. This is what makes some women so embarrassed that their bodies can do that. Nevertheless, there are places that you can go to in order to have sex without making a big mess with your ejaculation. You may not want to have sex in one of these locations every time, but it cannot hurt to explore a few of them from time to time. Here are some creative places you can go to for female ejaculation.

Female Ejaculation – Cleaning Up after the Fun

Women who experience female ejaculation tend to have a lot of fun during sex. The only problem that comes about is when that fun leads to a mess that needs to be cleaned up. This is not like male ejaculate that can go into a condom or an orifice on the body. It just squirts around like urine, and it is not exactly easy to control. Here are some tips that may be able to help you hide the evidence if you have a squirting episode in your sex life.

Ejaculating During Anal Sex

For most women, the concept of anal sex alone is enough for them to say no. There are a few that will try this out to please their partners, but those women usually experience a lot of pain during the process. However, there is a very minute group of women that actually enjoy anal sex, to the point that they experience female ejaculation from the experience. You may or may not be one of those women, but there are a few things you can do during anal sex to improve the experience and hopefully have an orgasm from it. Here are some tips you might be able to use during your next dirty time in bed.

Masturbate and Ejaculate in Front of Your Partner

When it comes to sex, most people just think of standard vaginal intercourse. They may venture into oral every now and then, but many people get stuck in a sexual rut. If you are capable of female ejaculation, you might want to try spicing up your sex life by allowing your partner to watch you masturbate. There are a variety of benefits to doing this, and they can all work to help you and your partner enjoy sex more. Listed below are some reasons you may want to try this, as well as some tips to help you in the process.

What Does It Feel Like to Ejaculate?

Female ejaculation is a unique moment in an orgasm that not all women get the chance to experience whenever they have sex. Those who can may not think about what the sensations feel like, but those that can’t are usually pretty curious about what it feels like for the other women. Men tend to have the same curiosity about this event because they have no reference for it. If you have been wondering what female ejaculation feels like when it happens, the description below may give you a good idea about what a woman experiences when she ejaculates.

Female Ejaculation – How to Have the Best Orgasm Possible

Men tend to orgasm more easily than women. This may just be because of how external a penis is, but part of it has to do with the fact that some women do not know how to orgasm properly. In order to achieve female ejaculation or any form of an orgasm for that matter, you need to have a decent idea as to how your body works and what you can do to please it in a certain way. Here are a few tips that any woman can take with her during masturbation or sex.

In order for you to achieve female ejaculation, you have to have an idea of what your sensitive areas are on the body. There are two major ones to think about: the clitoris and the G spot. The clitoris is on the outside of the body hiding under the flaps right above your vagina. The G spot is actually inside the vagina, and it is located along the front wall about three inches in. Both of these spots can create pleasure, but they function in different ways. If you can manage to stimulate both of them at the same time, you will have the best orgasms possible.

Is Female Ejaculation Different Than Semen?

The term “ejaculation” is most often used to refer to a man’s semen. While this is an accurate word to use to describe the results of a male orgasm, women can ejaculate too. Female ejaculation is not the same as male ejaculation, but that is not to say that there isn’t a similar process going on to create the ejaculate. Understanding the difference between each of these may help you grasp the sexual process a little better in the future, so here are some comparisons you can look into about male and female ejaculation.

Why Is Female Ejaculation Such a Popular Fetish?

Sexual fetishes change greatly over time based on what people find sexy from one year to the next. A long time ago, hairy genitals were completely erotic, but nowadays, shaven pubic hair seems to be a more prevailing trend. One of the biggest fetishes that has recently cropped up is squirting, which is a more colloquial term for female ejaculation. In this case, a woman shoots out liquid from her vagina whenever she experiences an orgasm. What has made this such a popular fetish, and why is it so prevalent in the porn industry nowadays? Read on to find out what sparked the world’s interest in women ejaculating.