Female Ejaculation – Hot or Not?

Female ejaculation, also known as “squirting,” is a not so common process where a woman will actually shoot liquid out of her vagina whenever she has an orgasm. This is not something that all women can do, and those that can do it sometimes feel awkward about the situation. Squirting women are very messy in the bedroom, and many of them are self conscious about having sex because they fear that they will embarrass their partners. If you are a woman with such feelings, the information below should help you get an idea of whether your special ability is hot or not.

Tips for Producing Multiple Squirting Orgasms

Have you ever seen those squirting porn clips where women seem to experience female ejaculation over and over again? While there are some women that are just naturally more prone to multiple orgasms, the fact is that all women can experience this to a degree if they know what to do. Before you give up on the idea of ever being able to have this fantastic experience for yourself, you may want to read over some of the tips below. These should give you a few ideas that will let you climax as many times as you want to.

Female Ejaculation – Fun Times in the Shower

Female ejaculation can be a rather messy experience because the female body doesn’t have a good way of controlling where the ejaculate goes. If you ejaculate on a bed, you have to wash the sheets underneath you to get the area clean again. You have to do the same with a couch or other piece of furniture you may have sex on. However, there is one place you can go to ejaculate without having to worry about a huge mess in the process. That is the shower. Here are a few fun suggestions that you can test out the next time you go in the shower.

Female Ejaculation – Is This the Same as a Girl Getting Wet?

Whenever a woman gets aroused, she starts to secrete lubricant from her vagina. This is meant as a way to prepare the body for sex, seeing that a man will have to insert his penis inside of her. Some people assume that this lubricating process is the same as female ejaculation, but they are two different events entirely. Understanding the differences may give you a better insight into the way the female body works during sex. Here is a look at just what happens when a woman gets wet and when she ejaculates.

Female Ejaculation – When It Rains, It Pours

There are many different experiences that women have during an orgasm. Most will have a shaking motion or they will experience a heat sensation in their bodies. Some, however, have a totally different experience. There are a minority of women who will go through a process called female ejaculation during their orgasms. This process involves the vagina actually shooting a liquid out of it during the climax. Some people also refer to this as squirting, and it is a unique sexual occurrence that few women actually get a chance to be a part of. Here is a basic look at the squirting process.

Is Female Ejaculation in Porn Real?

Most adults have at least seen a few pornographic movies in their lives. The industry has changed greatly over the years though, and one of the biggest fetishes in the porn world nowadays is female ejaculation. This is also known as squirting, and it basically involves a woman shooting a liquid out of her vagina whenever she has an orgasm. Most women do not have the ability to do this, but it seems like everyone in porn can. Is this a coincidence? Are these women hired specifically because they can squirt? What is the truth behind the ejaculate? Here we will reveal just how real the squirting is in porn so you can determine if you want to believe in it.

Female Ejaculation – An Unexpected Discovery

Have you ever heard about female ejaculation? This is an event that can happen during sex, but only certain women can experience it. Basically, when a woman ejaculates, her vagina shoots out a clear liquid that looks a lot like water. This is also known as squirting because that is what the vagina does at the time. Women that can ejaculate typically do not find out about their ability on purpose. It just happens one day whenever they are masturbating or having sex. If you have recently discovered that you can ejaculate, you may be slightly confused about this bodily function. Here is some information about this process that might clear your mind in the future.

Ways to Masturbate to Improve Female Ejaculation

Masturbation is one of the most basic forms of sex, and being good at it can actually make you better in the bedroom. This is especially true for women who are capable of female ejaculation. Some of them do not always know how to make themselves orgasm, but with the right masturbation techniques, climaxing is possible for any woman. Squirters cannot fake orgasms, so if you are one, you cannot rely on being able to fake something during sex. You just have to make the sex more enjoyable for you. Here are some masturbation techniques you may try so you can make your bedroom experiences more enjoyable.

Tips for Sleeping with a Squirter

Sex in a new relationship is hard no matter what the situation may be. You have to learn what the other person likes sexually and how the other person orgasms during sex. For some women, this orgasm will involve female ejaculation. Dating a woman with this ability can be tons of fun, but there are some things that you can do to help her enjoy your sexual experiences more. You cannot find out if she is a squirter until it happens, unless of course you ask beforehand. Whenever you discover this amazing talent of your new partner, the tips below should help you have a better sex life with her.

Best Sex Positions for Female Ejaculation

There are literally hundreds of different sex positions that you can try throughout your life. Some of them will feel better for you or your partner than others. If you are a man looking for the best position to please your partner, you may investigate some of the female ejaculation positions below. These are ideal for giving a woman a great orgasm, and they really can be applied to any situation. If you happen to be with a squirter, these will just make your experiences more intense. Here are some ideas you may take with you the next time you go to the bedroom.