What Does It Feel Like to Ejaculate?

Female ejaculation is a unique moment in an orgasm that not all women get the chance to experience whenever they have sex. Those who can may not think about what the sensations feel like, but those that can’t are usually pretty curious about what it feels like for the other women. Men tend to have the same curiosity about this event because they have no reference for it. If you have been wondering what female ejaculation feels like when it happens, the description below may give you a good idea about what a woman experiences when she ejaculates.

Female ejaculation feels rather similar to a standard orgasm. Everything starts with a source of pleasure. That may be from the clitoris or it may be from the G spot. Most women who can ejaculate will get that kind of feeling from their G spot, but some can get it from either location. A clitoral orgasm is quick paced, and the sensations in the nerves almost feel like heavy tickling. The sensations for the G spot are a bit stronger, and some of them feel like the woman has to urinate. The woman may instantly get hot at some point in time with this sensation, and it takes a little bit to build up to an orgasm.

When either source of stimulation, an orgasm is eventually going to happen. When it does, a woman’s vaginal muscles will tense up and contract very quickly. If you actually take a look at a vagina when an orgasm occurs, you can see that the hole of the vagina and the muscles all around it look like they are opening and closing. While all of this is going on, a woman can experience female ejaculation, depending on how her body operates.

The actual female ejaculation just feels like the contracting muscles down below are trying to urinate, even though the substance that comes out is nothing like urine. Most women experience projectile squirting, where a water-looking substance will come out as if it is shooting from a water bottle. The amount of ejaculate that a woman produces will vary from one person to the other, but there are usually at least a few squirts in place. Some women may explain their experiences a little differently, but the information above should at least give you an idea about how the female body works when it ejaculates.

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