Female Ejaculation – Is It Safe to Drink Ejaculate?

An orgasm is the best experience that a body can go through. For some women, this experience involves a process called female ejaculation, where the woman’s body shoots a liquid out of it as the muscles contract. While some women may only go through one orgasm in a round of sex, some like to have more than one experience with their partners. This begs the question of whether it is safe to drink female ejaculate if you are using oral sex for part of the fun. Before you stick your tongue where it may or may not belong, read on to find out the truth about female ejaculate.

Female ejaculate does not contain anything that is specifically bad for the body. It is not like male ejaculate that contains sperm and other elements. It is almost like water. Thus if you decide to go down on a woman after she has gone through female ejaculation, you should not have to worry about having any adverse reactions to it. While it may shoot out like urine, it is not actually like urine in terms of its contents. They just come out of the same general area.

If you actually have a fetish where you want to drink a glass of ejaculate, you might have a hard time fulfilling your dream. Female ejaculation is not easy to control. The liquid just comes out whenever a woman has an orgasm, and there is no direct path for it. When a man ejaculates, he can control where his penis goes and can provide a general direction for it to travel through. Women do not have that ability. Nevertheless, you may be able to lick it off your partner’s legs and vagina, or you might have her climax over a bucket to see if you could collect something.

You can take a taste of just about anything that comes from the actual vagina, like sexual mucus or female ejaculation. You may not like the taste, but you will never know until you give it a try. This can create a whole new level of sensation for you and your partner in sex if you are willing to experiment. Sex is not meant to be taken incredibly seriously. You have to have a little fun with it. Put some fruit on the vagina and make an ejaculate smoothie if you want to. Just have fun with it.

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